In Remembrance of Bob Elkins - chuckrayconner

To my wonderful friends gathered in Jolo, and in honor of the passing of my friend Bob Elkins:

We know that this day is coming for each of us. How we live our lives in being loving and compassionate with each other will be what lives in our friends and loved ones hearts when our journey is done.

I heard Bob speak of this often for himself, his family and his congregation. His journey has really just begun as he is called to be with the God he loved and served so well.

What set Bob apart from so many others was the love he gave to me. Over these past seven years Bob opened his home and heart to me, always trusting, and seeing beyond what others deemed a “sinner”. Bob was a true friend and a rare one that lived his life as close to his faith as possible in this worldly existence.

There was sadness when I heard of his passing but more happiness in the fact that he was going home. If there is something that he leaves us with it should be to live a good and honorable life, beyond judgment, and allow others to their own path even when it is not parallel to your own. That is the mark of an individual who is strong in their faith that they are not threatened by others who are different.

I send thanks to each of you for your friendship and trust.

Live in Peace